Work Permit Cyprus

A Work Permit in Cyprus is necessary for any non-EU national who wishes to work on the island. Cyprus is one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union, and as such, it is an attractive destination for many workers with the lowest tax rates. 

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How to Get a Work Visa for Cyprus?

The application process is relatively simple, but a few requirements must be met to succeed. To get a Cyprus work permit, you must first have an employment agreement with a Cypriot firm. On your employer’s behalf, you will be assigned a work permit.

The process of getting your work visa includes:

  • Getting consent from the Department of labor of Cyprus.
  • Applying for the Cyprus work permit at the Civil Registry and Migration Administration
  • You must apply for a work permit in Cyprus on your employer's behalf while you still live in your country of origin (authorization letter that enables you to work in Cyprus).
  • A Cyprus work permit that allows you to enter the country. You will be able to live and work permanently in this country. (Letter of authorization to enter Cyprus)
  • If you want to legally reside in Cyprus for more than 90 days, you must acquire a Residence Permit.

Once you find a job in Cyprus, you must sign a contract. After that, your employer will apply for the Cyprus Department of Labor’s approval. With this, they will also file an application for your work permit at the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Cyprus. If it gets approved, your employer will send a job offer or recommendation letter that you can use to apply for a work permit.

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