EB-5 Green Card Program

The EB-5 Green Card Program was established in 1990 to strengthen and assist the American economy by fostering employment growth and attracting foreign capital. The reason this program is called the EB-5 Green Card Visa Program is that it is following the employment-based fifth priority visa. Each country’s criteria for this visa are varied. If you are searching for the Best Immigration Consultant in Oman, we are ready to assist you.

How to Apply/Requirements:

With the help of the EB-5 investment program, Omanis can get a Green Card and permanent residency. You are qualified for an EB5 visa if you met the following requirements:

  • Make the essential investments in American business
  • Preserve or establish 10 full-time, permanent employment for competent Americans. After the date of your visa approval, this should be accomplished in less than two years
  • Complete a Form G-28. This form gives your lawyer or authorized agent permission to act on your behalf.
  • Documents proving your eligibility to apply for a visa and a passport.
  • Statement of Support from a U.S. Company. This letter from the American employer outlines the reasons why the company needs your services.
  • Details about the company you plan to work for or with (name, type of business, location, business owner, etc.)
  • Proof of your intention to depart the country whenever your EB5 visa expires or is terminated
  • Non-commercial projects are not eligible for investment. Additionally, your funding ought to come from a legitimate source

How we can help?

For your documents to be filed accurately and quickly, it is advised that you engage with a Registered Immigration Agent. For applying for Green Card Visa, you can count on Global Strategic Management Consultancy in this regard. Our area of expertise is dealing with USA migration, and we have served as a professional US immigration agency handling US visa consultancy for a considerable amount of time.


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