Greece Permanent Residency by Investment

The Greek Permanent Residency Program is the most affordable entrance method to gain family residency in the EU. A residence-by-investment initiative called the Greek Residency Golden Visa Program was introduced in 2013 and allows non-EU citizens and their families to apply for permanent residence cards in Greece. The validity of this sort of residence permit is for five years, and it is renewable endlessly (for five years each time), provided that the applicant is still the owner of the real estate. To be eligible for the scheme, you must purchase a property for €250,000, the lowest amount in Europe. A registered Immigration Consultant can help you in this regard.

How to Apply/Requirements:

You must make one of the following investments or meet the requirements to be eligible for a Golden Visa for Greece

  • Purchase a house valued at least €250,000.
  • Make a capital investment in a Greek firm worth at least €400,000.
  • Sign a lease for a hotel or other tourist destination for at least 10 years.
  • Invest €400,000 in bonds or stock of real estate investment firms.
  • Purchase Greek government bonds for €400,000.
  • Deposit €400,000 in a Greek bank.
  • Purchase government or corporate bonds worth €800,000.


  • You must be at least 18 years old and not have a criminal background in any of the countries you have lived in.
  • You must have acquired health insurance from a Greek company.
  • You must have made a substantial investment in Greece.

How we can help?

For affordable immigration services and immigration advice, numerous individuals interested in applying for Greece Permanent Residency always select Global Strategic Management Consultancy. We work hard to offer unique visa and immigration services to students, professionals, and business owners. Regardless of where in the world you currently reside, if you want a fair chance to relocate somewhere better, you must put your trust in us.


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