Grenada (Caribbean Island) Property or Donation Option

The Grenada program was presented in 2013 it offers a minimal expense program to obtain a second passport. Candidates from all nations are gladly welcomed yet are dependent upon meeting some level of checks. You can make a government donation, or earn citizenship by investing a minimum amount into the property of Grenada. This citizenship allows you to get visa-free arrival in 140 countries around the world including the Republic of China.


Candidates should be in good health, of high total assets, and with no criminal record. There is no necessity to visit for a meeting for the Grenada citizenship program and as a matter of fact, you also do not need to make a trip to the country for application completion. Grenada is one of the five Caribbean countries that offer citizenship through investment. You can donate a minimum of US$150,000 to the government or invest in the government-approved real-estate property for a minimum of $220,000.

Moreover, that property must be within your ownership for at least five years to be a citizen of Grenada. Through this citizenship, you can get access to enormous health, education, employment, and other benefits. Moreover, you can find countless investment opportunities in terms of business and real estate. Your family members can also enjoy these benefits. Grenada citizens are eligible for USA E2 Visa. This is a fast application process.

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