Work Permit Hungary

A work permit is required to engage in employment activities in Hungary. The permit is issued by the regional office of the Hungarian Employment Service. The application must be submitted by the employer, who must prove that they have made efforts to fill the position with a Hungarian citizen but have been unsuccessful.

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Types of Work permit in Hungary

Below are the 4 main types of work visas you can get:

  • Individual work permit
  • Joint work permit
  • Single application procedure
  • Residence permit

How to Get a Work Permit to Hungary?

  • Before applying for a work permit, the foreign national must have a valid workforce need.
  • The scarcity of Hungarian workers to meet the country's employment requirements.
  • The labor requirements are satisfied by foreign nationals.
  • Residence permit

Within 60 days of making a labor demand request, you must submit an application for a work permit. The following documents are required:

  • Employment conditions certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Document with employer's operation title.
  • Vocational qualification certificate to perform the job activities

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