Portugal Golden Visa

A residency permit known as the “Portugal Golden Visa” is given to non-EU nationals who have invested significantly in Portugal, such as by buying property, making a large capital investment, or establishing new employment opportunities. With the Golden Visa, you can qualify for Portuguese citizenship in as little as five years, making it a quick process to get citizenship and permanent residency in an EU nation. A reliable immigration consultant can help you in getting a golden visa.

How to Apply/Requirements:

Since the program’s inception in October 2012, more than 10,000 candidates have been granted Golden Visas. One of the following investments must be made to qualify for a Golden Visa in Portugal:

  • Buy a house valued at least €500,000. Purchases made in low-density areas require an expenditure of €400,000.
  • Make a minimum investment of €350,000 in an approved Investment Fund. Venture capital investments in real estate or start-up tech companies are often among the investment possibilities that are subject to regulation by the Portuguese CMVM (Securities Market Commission).
  • For €350,000, buy a house in a Portuguese urban regeneration area. The investment sum is €280,000 if you invest in a low-density area.
  • The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service - SEF should be willing to fund the project.
  • Buy stock in the company for at least €1 million.
  • Put at least €1 million into the business.
  • Transfer capital into a Portuguese bank account in an amount at least equal to €1 million.
  • Make ten or more employment available to Portuguese citizens.
  • Make a capital transfer of at least €350,000 for institutions of public or private scientific research engaged in science or technology research.
  • Transfer at least €250,000 in capital to promote the arts or the restoration of national heritage.

How we can help?

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