Spain Residency by Investment

In 2013, Spain introduced its golden visa scheme. To become a resident, a family must invest €500,000 in real estate. After every two years, the Spanish investor visa is renewable. Permanent residency is available after five years, while citizenship is attainable after 10. To keep and renew the resident visa permit, you do not have to dwell in Spain.

Spain Golden Visas are typically given to people who buy real estate. However, they are also open to entrepreneurs who invest in a Spanish business, which is why they are also known as Spain Investor Visas. If you are looking to gain Spain residency you should seek Immigration and Visa services from a reliable immigration consultant.

How to Apply/Requirements:

To qualify for a Spanish Golden Visa, you must meet the following criteria in addition to making one of the following investments:

How we can help?

Global Strategic Management Consultancy assists hundreds of people and families annually in obtaining residency in Spain through investment. We have a staff of highly skilled individuals and are well-known in the field of Immigration Services and provide Global Immigration consultancy services at affordable rates. So whenever you plan on getting Spain’s residency, don’t forget to reach out to us.


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