UK Startup Visa Program

To begin with, the start-up visa is for aspiring business owners who want to launch a new venture in the UK. You don’t need to have any initial funding or be a university graduate to start the firm. However, you must present a creative company concept that has received endorsement from a recognized organization. The two-year validity of a start-up visa excludes any direct path to permanent residence in the UK. However, to apply for settlement, you can transfer to an innovator visa by consulting with a registered immigration consultant.

How to apply/ requirements

You don’t require any money to invest in your company if you’re applying for a start-up visa. However, because you must have an innovative business idea, you might need to have money on hand to invest. Some endorsing organizations demand a particular amount of funding as a prerequisite for the endorsement. You must demonstrate to UK Visas and Immigration that you are eligible for a Start-up visa by ensuring that:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • You have received the support of a recognized body in the UK that has evaluated your business idea for originality, viability, and scalability and is confident that you will devote the majority of your working hours to building your venture there.
  • Unless you previously had leave as a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur, you have never before founded a firm in the UK.
  • You truly intend to engage in any employment or commercial activity in the UK that you describe in your application, and you are qualified to do so.
  • Approximately three months before the submission date of your Start-up visa application, your endorsement letter was issued.
  • You have at least CEFR Level B2 English language proficiency, which is equal to an IELTS score of 5.5 in writing, listening, reading, and speaking.

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